eLearning and mLearning


We can address your requirements and unique training needs to provide appropriate solutions ,which are aligned with industry best practices and your objectives.

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Instructional Design


 Creating relevant course content for effective learning is time  consuming and can take corporations away from their core competency. Our solutions save you that time.

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Transforming Training


While some critical training will always have to be done by expert staff in organizations, all other standard training can be handled by the curriculum we provide.


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Why choose RITeX Inc.?

Two reasons your company needs our comprehensive eLearning Solutions:
  • Customized Solutions
    We specialize in designing cost-effective, customized eLearning solutions that can deliver measurable business outcomes.Read more
  • Innovative Solutions
    Our solutions are effective, engaging, and innovative to suit varied delivery platforms: the web, mobile devices or as embedded system.Read more